ZUZI Latte

ZUZI Latte, together with ZUZI Black are the new members of the club. We crafted ZUZI Latte after so many customers were asking about a creamy flavor. Well, in October 2021 ZUZI Latte got into stores and has been an immediate hit. This is our strongest product yet, 12.5% ABV. 

Rich and flavorful, Latte is excellent on it's own, and in case you want to share this creamy goodness with your friends and family, feel free to pour it over ice or drink it right out of the can.

In terms of playing with different cocktails, Latte is as versatile as its brothers, we recommend blending it with 1/4 frozen banana and adding some cinnamon. Let your imagination run and play with Matcha and Turmeric too.

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