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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know

How much caffeine does ZUZI have?

A 6.76oz can contains 74mg of caffeine, about the same amount of caffeine content as a cup of coffee.

Is it added caffeine?

No! we make our product with real coffee, the caffeine comes naturally.

Where can I find it?

Check out our "Where to find us" section. Currently we're in Texas with plans to expand to other states soon. If you don't find it in your favorite store, tell them about us or let us know and we will get in touch with them!

How do I drink this awesome beverage?

We recommend drinking it cold! Although it tastes great at any temperature. It was made to be had by itself but you can also play with it mixing it with your favorite coffee based recipes. 

Where are you based out of?

We are based in Austin, Texas. Our product is blended and canned in Denton, Texas.

What are your three different flavors?

Our flagship product is the ZUZI Carajillo (Brown can), we launched with this product in February 2021. ZUZI Carajillo contains no dairy and it is sweetened with a mixture of sugar, stevia and monk fruit extract. The taste is awesome, resembling a Coffee Martini or a Carajillo Cocktail.

ZUZI Black and Latte are our new flavors. The only difference between the Black and Carajillo is the sweetness. If you like your coffee strong and bold, check out ZUZI Black, you'll be surprised.

ZUZI Latte is a bit different than the rest of our product line, we use a combination of a Cream Liqueur and Vodka to create this 12.5% abv yummy sensation. 

When do I drink ZUZI?

Anytime, Anywhere. Camping? Skiing? Brunch? Golf? Sunday Funday? Pick me up after work? Pregame? Tailgate? Boozy Desert? yes to all. We made ZUZI making sure that it contains only the best ingredients to provide a delicious quality product, feel free to drink it whenever you want! The great thing about ZUZI is the versatility of the product, drink it right out of the can as an RTD or use it as a base for any coffee drink you want. 

Who are we?

ZUZI is a family owned business, started by Ana Victoria and Oscar de la Peña in Austin, Texas. We aim to bring the flavors we so much enjoy in Latin America to your home. The initial product line idea started with bringing a canned Carajillo to life (ZUZI Original). This is just the beginning, stay tuned for the next product line! 


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